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Today !


Go enjoy nature, The Snooc is a new concept wich allows you to go riding in the nature. Just share this amazing moment with people you love...have fun !

Few days ago...


The Yooner is a new concept for snow sliding,inspired by le Paret, a device used by school children in the early 20th century in the Thônes Valley of the French Alps.

Paret ancètre du Yooner Ancètre du yooner, championnat de paret en 1908
Prix artinov pour le Yooner Easily controllable on the slopes and extremely fun, le Paret de served to receive some improvements and access to the slopes. So, we created a new version, the Yooner.

The Yooner offers sensations close to a sled, but it is much more than a sled.

It is the realization of a childhood dream. Who has not dreamed of taking their sled up a chairlift to the sledding experience of a lifetime ?!


You glide along the slope with complete control, without having to walk back up the hill !!!


While ascending the lifts you must always be

connected to theYooner® by the security la nyard

The activity of sledding is “a straight-line movement down the slope of a hillside.” But, what sets the Yooner apart from a sled is having the turn and stop like a ski. Descente en Yooner

You can master the YOONER

in as little as

one run or 10 minutes !

Groupe en virage carvé yooner As in skiing, one side carves while controlling the speed and trajectory. 

Chute douce en yooner

The fall is not punishing !!

Gros plan suspension Yooner monoluge  Your fall only a short distance to the snow.
A shock helps absorb the terrain for a comfortable ride.      


With a low center of gravity and support from your feet, the pilot of the Yooner is instinctively balanced. encadrement yooner

Sitting down with the handle between your legs slightly apart and your feet flat on the snow.


You will be able to balance and control you speed on gentle slopes

Acquiring the basics in the first 100 yards

Staying upright on the machine without grasping the handle,


you put both hands to one side, like you are going to touch the snow.


This move will effectively turn your shoulders and then the machine without stopping.

Descente yooner sans les mains
technique pour tourner rapidement en Yooner

After 100 yard...


the driver keeps one hand on the handle, while extending the other hand in the direction your wanting to turn (touching the snow), while leaning toward the inside of the turn.


For children or to brake in a straight line :


Pull firmly on the handle while adding pressure with your feet by straightening your legs.


the “Brake Claw” will be engaged into the snow.

Freiner en Yooner gros plan

The braking technique most effective is the ski stop.


Boot turn to finish with the skid perpendicular to the slope.

User Equipment


Helmet, goggles, gloves, shoes or boots supporting the ankles.


Chosing the slope



Too little gradient of slop, you will not have fun.


are the ideal slope for learning.


are a fun playground for the more experienced or intermediate rider.

Why the Yooner

The major advantage of the Yooner is the immediate enjoyment without the struggles of the learning process as in skiing and snowboarding. Yooner plaisir It allows those who have never skied or boarded to share in the enjoyment of the slopes !


The Yooner is wonderful for groups whose levels are not uniform, with strong differences in age and level of practice like business seminars, friends,...

Yooner au loin ...and those who want to share in the excitement of a fun, safe and easy activity !


The Yooner was originally designed for adults, but has been adopted by the children very well.

premier groupe en yooner à praz sur Arly   Premier groupes adolescents en yooner

Youngest rider we ever had was three and...


...the oldest was 91 !

10 is the yongest age a child can control the Yooner to its full potential.

descente Yooner en contre plongé

It offers :


A first approach to slide easily and safely for a beginner.


A soft physical activity after a good half-day of downhill skiing for seniors.


A new feeling for riders seeking fun.


A versatile and stylish product for the person seeking a novelty


Yooner “Tracker”


The Yooner is now available in wood !


Made from a natural material for a cleaner and more environmental friendly design.

Yooner wood pour le hors piste
sortie hors piste Rando-yooner

A longer and wider skid... allows you to return from snowshoeing down the same path tamped by the climb !
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